How to Restring a Bass Guitar

Are the strings on your bass sounding a bit old and sad, or have they recently broken off? Need some help with how to restring your bass. Well grab yourself a new set of strings and let’s get your bass back up and running again.

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(Also, there is an edit during one of the fast forwarding sections where it looks like I haven’t tuned one of my strings correctly, there is a jump cut in between so don’t worry, it did get tuned properly).

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A First Look at Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS ‘Focal Fossa’

It’s April on an even year so that can only mean one thing: New Ubuntu Long Term Support releases! As both a Musician and a YouTube content creator myself I find Ubuntu Studio to be an asset to all of my creative endeavours.
Ubuntu Studio is a distribution of GNU/Linux aimed at creatives. Specifically it is aimed at Musicians/Audio Engineers, Graphic Designers/Artists and Video Creators/Editors. It is also a great operating system for Photographers, Authors and Publishers.
It has been my GNU/Linux distribution of choice for a few years now. Let’s see what can be found in the most recent version; 20.04 LTS code-named ‘Focal Fossa’.
Sorry the video is out a little bit later than expected. I have been fighting with Kdenlive to get this video made as quickly as possible.
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Fender ‘Under the Influence’ – Reaction

DISCLAIMER – This is not an attack or a ‘Tea’ video on Dani Miller. Instead in this video I go into what exactly is the real issue is with one of Fender’s most recent and most polarising videos. I will also explain what I believe they could do instead to improve upon the concept.

I know this video feels a bit late, but I’ve been battling my video editing software to get this made.

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Adam Thomas Featured in MakeUseOf Article

My Video on MUO

I was very lucky to have recently had one of my videos featured in an article on Make Use Of. The article is on GNU/Linux distributions aimed at musicians, artists and editors. My video was attached to the section on my distribution of choice; Ubuntu Studio.

Make Use Of is a popular technology website. The article in question can be found in the link below:

The 5 Best Linux Distros for Artists, Musicians, and Editors

New Gear Day – Fender Stratacoustic (Demo)

I’ve had some troubles with my acoustic guitar recently. So I thought I would treat myself to a new working guitar. It was quite hard to track down, but I was eventually able to get myself a Fender Stratacoustic.

All of the audio is a blend of my camera mic and the built in preamp plugged directly into my audio interface.

A review of this guitar is in the pipeline.

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10 YEAR OLD BASS STRINGS VS NEW BASS STRINGS! Do Old Bass Strings Sound Better Than New Strings?

If you have spent any time at all learning the bass guitar, trawling through bass forums online, or have had a discussion with an older bass player you would have almost certainly come across the statement that ‘Old Bass Strings Sound Better Than New Bass Strings’.
Well is it even true? Or is it just an old wives tale? Let’s find out!
In this video I will be comparing the sound between a bass which hasn’t had it’s strings changed in at least 10 years! vs the same bass with brand new strings.
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