A First Look at Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS ‘Focal Fossa’

It’s April on an even year so that can only mean one thing: New Ubuntu Long Term Support releases! As both a Musician and a YouTube content creator myself I find Ubuntu Studio to be an asset to all of my creative endeavours.
Ubuntu Studio is a distribution of GNU/Linux aimed at creatives. Specifically it is aimed at Musicians/Audio Engineers, Graphic Designers/Artists and Video Creators/Editors. It is also a great operating system for Photographers, Authors and Publishers.
It has been my GNU/Linux distribution of choice for a few years now. Let’s see what can be found in the most recent version; 20.04 LTS code-named ‘Focal Fossa’.
Sorry the video is out a little bit later than expected. I have been fighting with Kdenlive to get this video made as quickly as possible.
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