Upgrading the Storage in my Audio/Video Production Workstation

Recently I had been running out of space on my Audio/Video Production Workstation, so I decided to buy some more SSDs.

I’ll be adding a 1TB ADATA XPG NVMe SSD, with the help of a Silverstone M.2 to PCIe card. I will also be adding a 1TB Crucial SATA SSD, which will be going into a Silverstone 5.25″ 4 slot 2.5″ drive bay.

Originally this was going to be a dual subject video. As well as being about upgrading the storage on my audio production workstation it was also going to be documenting if it was indeed possible to install an NVMe SSD (by using a PCIe card) onto an AMD FX based motherboard, AND if that was possible if it would be able to become my main boot drive.
It does indeed work, however, the amount of video footage I ended up filming trying to get it to work made me realise that this needs a video of its own. For this reason there are a couple of jump cuts in this video where I was talking about compatibility to do with the NVMe drive and the FX processor.

The video about getting the NVMe drive to work with my FX based motherboard is currently in the works.

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Video & Music Copyright © Adam Thomas 2020

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